It's hard to tell the difference between Donald Trump and Dominican Officials...

Anti-immigrant rhetoric is always popular amongst the far right. Those politicians deflect from the lack of real policies and obvious corruption by blaming hardworking immigrants and their descendants for the country's problems. Few other politicians do that better than the Dominican Nationalists and Donald Trump. They blame an immigrant conspiracy for wanting the same rights to citizenship as everyone else.  You can see not-so-subtle dog-whistling in accusations that "anchor babies" are being born in our hospitals, Haitians will bring ebola to Dominican Republic because of their "Africanness", calls to erect a wall on the border, and mob violence towards Haitians for alleged crimes. 

Like Trump, the Dominican government's "vision of marauding immigrants are part of a genre in which immigration and race are intermingled." The comparison between Trump and the Dominican Republic's political leaders goes disturbingly deeper than that now that Trump has followed in the Dominican Republic's footsteps and called for an end to birthright citizenship- an effective way to purge a country of the voting power of ethnic minority groups and solidify the political power of upperclass whites. 


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Update 8/30/15 Ironically, the Dominican ultranationalist political leaders have responded to being compared to Trump by spewing even more anti-immigrant rhetoric: