March over the Brooklyn Bridge on 8/14 to demand ‪#‎rights4ALLinDR‬

  • Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn

From the Prospect Park at Grand Army Plaza to City Hall

In defiance of any respect for human dignity and Human Rights, the High Court and the Government of the Dominican Republic (D.R.) have ordered the expulsion of dozen of thousands of families of Haitian ancestry residing in this country.

As it was attempted  in 1937 when the Dominican dictator Trujillo ordered the massacre of thousands of Haitians living  near  the border between the two countries, they want to expel Black people, even when born in the country.

Haitians, Haitian Americans, Haitian Dominicans, Dominicans and all people of Good will, Let’s take a stand on August 14, 2015. Let’s say to the D.R.:

No to Racism!
No to Xenophobia!
No to the Expulsion of Families!