Tell Congress to Demand rights for all people in the Dominican Republic- Advocacy Day

On September 2013, the Constitutional Tribunal of the DR issued a decision that stripped approximately 250,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent  of their Dominican Citizenship. Suddenly stateless, these people found themselves subject to violence, intimidation, and expulsion from their own country. Since June alone, over 60,000 Dominicans and Haitians alike have fled the DR, many with just the clothes on their backs. Thousands now reside in squalid refugee camps along the border. The time to tell their story is now.  Congress will not act on this human rights crisis until we make their voices heard in Washington and demand that the U.S. is no longer complicit in the DR's human rights abuses.

Join us for this unique opportunity on our National Advocacy Day October 21, 2015.

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Planned Events:

Advocacy 101: How and what do I talk to my legislators about? Hear from experts in the field.

Legislative visits on Capitol Hill

Cocktail Networking Event